Wintergreen Anti-Chafe Cream

When distances start getting on the long side, chafe becomes a serious problem when running and cycling. A liberal application of Wintergreen Anti-Chafe Cream will solve this problem.

I experienced serious chafe in the 2013 PUFfeR and have since been careful to avoid a repeat of the agony I was in by the time I started descending Platteklip Gorge! Apart from the obvious direct pain, the discomfort is mentally draining and can affect your form as you try to avoid chafing the “hotspots” further.

I carried some of the handy little screw-top tubs pictured below in my back pocket for IronMan 2014 to do touch ups. Yes, in public: the only thing less glamorous than shoving your hand down your shorts and massaging cream into your private bits is having same bits rubbed raw!

Wintergreen IronMan South Africa 2014
Wintergreen IronMan South Africa 2014

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