Signage for the Terblans Nature walkSignage for the Terblans Nature walk

The Terblans Nature Walk is an easy trail through deep indigenous forest in the Gouna area of the Knysna Forest.

Getting there: from the N2 in Knysna, take the Old Cape Road north past Simola, take a left at the Gouna signpost onto Gouna Road, cross the Gouna River drift [-33.990768, 23.040388], pass Gouna [-33.958974, 23.050763], park at Grootdraai Picnic site
GPS Coords: -33.945326, 23.054202
Permits: self-issue
Distance: 6km
Difficulty: well-signposted, easy forest trail

At a glance

The Terblans Trail features in the Rooted in Time Self-drive Tour. The trailhead is at Grootdraai Picnic site. There is a lawned area, picnic benches with braai facilities, fresh water and ablution facilities.

The trail is signposted with black-on-yellow signs with bushpigs on them. The snout points in the direction to follow at intersections.

There is plenty of water on the trail as it crosses many streams, and passes a small reservoir. I have read one book suggesting that this is a good spot for a dip, however, I suspect that this is a source of drinking water for Gouna and that swimming is not encouraged. The trail is 100% in deep forest shade.

The low-down

Head across the road and down the trail. At 270m there is an intersection: the left fork is a connecting trail to the Outeniqua Hiking Trail — take the right-hand fork.

460m take the left fork and head down the wood post steps.

The first kilometre is all gently downhill to the stream crossing at the 1.11km mark. The trail then heads steeply uphill on stairs for about 500m.

At 1.97 there is a fairly confusing intersection. Aim at exiting in the same direction you arrived, following the snouts of the pigs on the signs.

The left at the intersection at the 2.7km mark is another Outeniqua Trail connector, leading to the Diepwalle Hut; take a right.

2.9km dry stream bed

3.23km you will arrive on a forest road and need to take a right onto it. Almost immediately the road crosses a stream (drinking water) and immediately after that, the trail leaves the road on the left. The stream remains on the left of the trail until you reach a small reservoir at 3.42km. At the reservoir the trail heads right up the slope, switching back in the direction of the road.

At 3.68km you will cross the road again, at 3.97km you will cross a stream (drinking water), and at 4.11km another small stream.

At 4.3km you will notice a significant change in the undergrowth as you reach the border of a pine plantation.

At 4.83km you will reach the road and to your left is a large concrete reservoir tank. Turn right onto the road until the 5.14km mark where you will turn off into the forest again. The trail then snakes along, often quite close to the road, until you reach the Grootdraai Picnic spot.

Other activities:

  1. Visit the San Ambroso Chapel museum

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