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13 December 2012: two surfski rescues in one day, both on the famous Miller’s Run from Miller’s point to Fish Hoek in False Bay.

Please in no way think that I am being judgemental here. I am a novice paddler, and I am thankful to all those who are sharing info with regards these incidents as I hope to learn from them. I don’t want to put myself in harm’s way, neither do I want to put any rescuers at risk should I get into trouble. I think it’s of huge value to the paddling community to have an open, honest look at each incident so that we can all learn how to keep the sport safe.

I am even more thankful for the amazing, brave people who have been selflessly risking their own safety to assist: Nikki Mocke you are a legend! And of course, there is no end to my admiration for the NSRI crews and other teams from other rescue and emergency services!

Nikki Mocke rescue on the Ladies’ Millers Run:

  • from photos taken on the day, in a photo of the ladies setting out, the lady in question can be seen tipping out of her ski in knee-deep water
  • in the photo you can clearly see that her rudder is missing
  • it possibly broke off on the slipway?
  • I have to switch out my Ellpitica for my standard shark-fin rudder this weekend, and I am going to get in my boat when it has NO rudder. My feeling is that even as a novice paddler I will immediately know there is something wrong through boat-feel and through rudder pedals
  • Nikki’s report is of special interest. This is a world champion athlete and extremely experienced paddler describing how she could not make headway trying to assist a paddler / swimmer.

NSRI rescue

I am no-one to judge as I am still extremely inexperienced, but I think it’s important for us all to remember that when we get into trouble, dedicated people are going to risk their own lives to rescue us.

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