Robberg Nature Reserve

Chantelle, Trevor, David, Robberg Peninsula

The Robberg Peninsula is the rocky headland that forms the bay in which the Western Cape holiday town of Plettenberg Bay lies sheltered. Robberg Nature Reserve is a CapeNature reserve.

There is a well maintained trail which allows you to hike around the entire peninsula, the Robberg Peninsula Circuit.

The vegetation is fairly hardy as it must survive the salty sea air and exposed slopes. There was a beautiful display of Chandelier Lilies when I was last there.

On the more sheltered northern side you will hear (and quite likely smell) the seals on the rocks below.

On the southern side you will pass Die Eiland which lies across the sandy spit, or tombolo.

There is no water on the route, and care must be taken to keep your footing on some of the rocky sections.

The only accommodation in the Reserve is the Fountain Shack.

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