Frantoio olives, Mount Ceder

First we brought you cherry picking at Klondyke, now you can enjoy picking your own olives at Mount Ceder.

If you have ever driven to the Cederberg via Ceres and Op-die-Berg you will have passed through Mount Ceder and its olive groves which line the district road. Guests of Mount Ceder can arrange with Reception to pick 2 kgs of olives.

Rows of the two varietals are planted in the same grove, and at first, we were not sure if we would find any Frantoio. However, the difference is quite marked, with the Frantoio having a more rounded berry. The Frantoio were also far juicier, and the juice was a startling red as was the flesh; much like a cherry. The juices are intense and whilst acidic and green you can definitely recognise the characteristic olive oil flavour and scent.

We are almost eating our olives: after 2 months of brining they are finally all bottled and we hope to be enjoying them in the next month!

By David

Outdoor adventure enthusiast living on the Garden Route.

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