Tulbagh Country Guest House

I recently visited Tulbagh for the first time to attend a wedding.

Tulbagh Country Guest House
Tulbagh Country Guest House

You arrive in the valley from the south, and are constantly present of the surrounding mountains: the Obiqua Mountains in the west, the Winterhoek Mountains in the north, and the Witzenberg Mountains in the east.

In 1969, this Boland town experienced an earthquake measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale. The happy consequence of this natural disaster was that many buildings were not only rebuilt, but faithfully restored to their original state, making the town a treasure-chest of Cape Dutch architecture, boasting the largest concentration of National Monuments in a single street in South Africa.

The valley boast a number of wine estates and some olive estates, as well as handmade chocolates at Moniki Chocolatier.


The Tulbagh Country Guest House is part of the Cape Dutch Quarters portfolio of accommodation.

Alfa Apartments offer clean, spacious apartments a few roads up from the main road.



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