Sedgefield horse-wall

Another Garden Route gem that I have passed through for most of my life, Sedgefield is so much more than what you can see from the N2!

Getting there: Sedgefield is on the N2 between Wilderness (22km) and Knysna (25km).
GPS Coordinates: -34.0163, 22.8073

Sedgefield lies along the N2 between Wilderness and Knysna. There is so much more to this town than the assorted stores that line the freeway as you are forced to slow down at the town limits. Take a tour around “The Island” and enjoy views across the lagoon that easily match those of Knysna for tranquility, beauty and peace.

If you don’t have time to stop, be sure to at least slow down to take in the famous “horse wall” as you leave town on the Knysna side!

Sedgefield horse-wall
Sedgefield horse-wall

There is a super tourism office on the main drag with maps and brochures for Africa. Literally.

Where to eat

PiliPili Beach Bar at Myoli Beach [-34.033584, 22.802000]

What to do

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Gerickes Point from Sedgefield Beach
Gericke’s Point from Sedgefield Beach

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