NG Kerk, McGregor

McGregor is a tiny town in the Langeberg. It will appeal to you if you like “quirky” and are willing to forego all luxuries and conveniences.

Getting there: take the N1 from Cape Town turning at Worcester to Robertson, and then down to McGregor.

The small town of McGregor seems untouched by the apartheid era; in Greyton the non-white residents were moved out of the village to a separate township whereas in McGregor the first thing you will see as you drive in are the cheerful houses of the local coloured folk.

Cellphone signal was almost non-existent, and there were a few passable “supermarkets” but don’t expect Woolworths. Each time we asked for directions to a shop we were directed to Robertson!

Where to stay

Bed and breakfasts are numerous: We were booked into backpacker lodge-style accommodation which did not pan out.

What to do

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