Cape Francolin

Langebaan is pretty much the original West Coast long weekend destination. Situated on the shore of the impressively large Langebaan Lagoon, this is a haven for Capetonians in search of a long weekend of water sport.

Getting there: drive up the West Coast Road (R27) from Cape Town

The lagoon is relatively shallow and the shore is predominantly gently sloping sandy beaches. At the main beach area in front of Pearly’s and Driftwoods restaurants there is a small swimming area cordoned off by buoys, but for the rest ski boats seem to mix with a swarm of kiteboarders, as well as paddlers of all varieties.

Despite opening to the chilly Atlantic Ocean, the shallow nature of the lagoon means that the water is generally fairly warm. This is obviously dependant on the wind direction, as the prevailing summer South-easter wind blows up the lagoon, brining warmer water from the shallows, whilst winter conditions see colder water from the ocean moving in and taking effect.

The town has grown over the years, and if it even had any of the West Coast charm of Paternoster, it has certainly lost it in the recent past. It has the usual array of shops, including Spar and Pick ‘n’ Pay. You will pass the local disco / nightclub, Flamingo’s (sometimes referred to as Flaming Joe’s), as you reach the town.

Accommodation ranges from posh weekend houses to the municipal caravan park.

Things to do

  1. Visit the West Coast National Park
  2. Participate in the annual Langebaan Lagoon Crossing


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