Tolhuis Bistro, Michell's Pass

The town of Ceres was named for the Roman god of agriculture, and when you visit you will not question why.

Tolhuis Bistro, Mitchell's Pass
Tolhuis Bistro, Mitchell’s Pass
Photo credit ~ Leanne Harris

I often pass through the town on the way to Klondyke Cherry Farm or Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve in the east at Bo-Swaarmoed, or when travelling back from the Cederberg to the north via Gydo Pass. Ceres is about 150km from Cape Town and can be reached by travelling via the N1 R43 and R46 through the historic Mitchell’s Pass.

Where to eat:

  1. Tolhuis on Mitchell’s Pass

What to do:

  1. Cherry-picking at Klondyke
  2. Visit the snow at Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve

Ceres Tourism Bureau: 023 316 1287 | info@ceres.org.za | www. ceres.org.za

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