Route 62, Barrydale

I have passed through Barrydale a number of times, stopping once for a first-class breakfast. It is one of the more trendy towns on Route 62 and offers some superb restaurants as you pass through.

Getting there: Barrydale is between Montagu and Ladismith on Route 62. It can also be reached from the south via the Tradouw Pass.
GPS Coordinates: -33.9041, 20.7184

I was hoping to try the award-winning Joseph Barry 10 Year Cape Pot Still Brandy mentioned in Jacques Marais’ “Things to do in a Dorp”, but Barrydale Cellar [-33.91011, 20.71260] was closed. I find it incredibly annoying when the business in these small towns are closed during times when out-of-towners are potentially passing through.

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