Garmin Forerunner 910XT Auto Multisport mode

Primarily for swim bike run, the multisport mode can be configured to any format, and can be used in triathlon as well as events such as the 7-discipline Totalsports Challenge.

Crossing the timing mat after the swim, IronMan South Africa 2012
And T1!

This is how you access the settings:

  1. Mode » Training » Auto Multisport
  2. Select the option for Include Transition (optional)
  3. Add the sporting legs. If they exist from a previous workout, you can select and edit / remove them.

The important part now is to remember what to press and what not to press when actually competing! As simple as it may seem, I seem to get this wrong more often than not.

Quite simply, all you need to do is press the Lap button each time you want to progress to the next leg. If you selected “Include Transition” in step 2 then each transition counts as a leg. If you are coming out of the swim leg into T1, press Lap as you hit the timing mat and you will now be recording your transition time; hit Lap as you mount your bike and the unit will start recording your bike leg, and so on.

DC Rainmaker’s excellent review:

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