CAPESTORM Men’s Tech Longs

I live in CAPESTORM Tech Shorts: I have a black pair and a khaki pair and have used them for hiking, trail running, rock climbing and swimming! Sometimes it is more comfortable to hike in longs, so I opted for a pair of CAPESTORM Men’s Tech Longs.

I recently won a CAPESTORM competition and the prize was R2000’s worth of CAPESTORM gear! This was one of the items I chose, along with Men’s Congo Short Sleeve Shirt, Ladies’ Disa Shirt and UV Arm Protectors.

The design of these longs is almost identical to that of my favourite CAPESTORM Tech Shorts. One small improvement is the simple addition of additional pull tags to the zippers on the zippered front pockets. There are extra length zippers at the bottom of the legs. The knees are articulated and lined for comfort.

Whilst shorts are great for hiking and scrambling on Table Mountain, when you are on some of the more rugged trails it is worth considering longs to protect your legs from scratchy fynbos. It will also of course protect your skin from the sun. The long leg length also means that dust, sand and grit are kept out of your boots, and you socks do not become matted with seed pods and burrs.

I wore my pair on the two-day Boesmanskloof Trail (paired with my CAPESTORM Men’s Congo Short Sleeve shirt) recently in warm weather and was amazed at how cool my legs remained (I did leave the long leg zippers open at times to give some ventilation).



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