My CAPESTORM Kinetic Shorts were my first pair of trail running shorts, and are still going strong hundreds of kilometers and almost 2 years later! I needed a pair of shorts with extra stowage, and based on my experience with these shorts, settled on a pair of CAPESTORM A3 Shorts.


For the Hi-Tec Otter African Trail Run 2011 I wanted to run with my Salomon Twin Belt instead of my Camelbak Octane XC pack. Concerned with whether I would be able to carry all the required kit for the race, I started looking for ways to increase my carrying capacity.

The A3 Shorts were actually available when I bought my Kinetic Shorts — I actually chose the former at that stage as I felt the pockets on either leg of the A3 would be uncomfortable, with anything placed inside them constantly banging at my thighs when I ran. This is however not the case, and the two zippered pockets are perfect for storing gels and snacks, and especially for storing any empty wrappers you end up with (I know you wouldn’t even dream of dropping a gel tab!). You can even easily fit a CAPESTORM Helium Jacket in one of them. The zippers have great pull-tabs on them, making them easy to use with wet, shaky hands. The pocket in the small of the back has a small metal pull-tab making it a bit more difficult to access (mine is in any case covered by my hydration belt).

The material and the liner feel even lighter and more comfortable than that of the Kinetic if that is even possible! In the Hi-Tec Otter African Trail Run 2010 only the hem of my shorts got wet at the Bloukrans crossing: at this years race I was chest deep, so the A3 shorts got a good swim, and unlike the Kinetic shorts which chaffed a fair amount, there was no chaffing at all from the A3’s, and they remained extremely light comfortable, and dried rapidly.

They have reflective detail on the front and back and are available in Charcoal and Royal Blue as well. I bought a blue pair on sale for R243.75.





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