I love the South African outdoor lifestyle, and  spend as much of my time as I am able running, hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing in the mountains of the Western Cape.

I began hiking in 2008, and when I started looking around for information about hiking routes and hiking in general, I found very little info on the web, and so decided to create this site to share my experiences.

I 2009 I started trail running and (despite my vertigo-like fear of heights) sports climbing, and it seemed natural to add those experience in the same place.

I quickly started taking an interest in the amazing flora that you will see on these routes, and started trying to identify them where possible.

I generally walk very fast with only a few short stops, so if I do give times, please take this into account — I have found that I generally cover a route in about 75% of the time given in most books. Where available I will be loading the information from my Garmin Forerunner 910XT (or other GPS device), which includes time, distance and elevation: please bear in mind I was most likely running! Almost none of the routes require ropes of any kind, though some of them require some “scrambling”.

We own 3 dogs, but never walk them on the mountain. Most of the reserves are, with good reason, no-go zones for your pets, and I encourage you to think carefully before taking your dogs on the mountain.

Please read the Terms & Conditions. The information I share on this blog is a record of my experiences. There may be inaccuracies in routes, directions, times and other information: I take no responsibility for any death, injury or loss that may occur from your own experiences of these hikes or activities, and would recommend you take an experienced hiker with you on all your outings. You would be most welcome to contact me if you would like to join me on an outing.

Most of the photos are my own; those that are not are credited.

Respect Nature!

David Fox

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