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When I initially considered entering X Lakes Summer, one of the queries I had for the organisers was if we would be able to use different boats on different legs. The original ruling was no. This has now been changed. I think in light of the nature of the race it would be best if this new ruling were the standard rule for the race!

“In light with the expected rain over the coming weekend and the possibility that the Touw River mouth might be opened, we have decided to allow a boat switch (non-fixed to fixed rudder) after the first paddle leg. If the Touw River mouth is opened it does mean that surf ski skegs may catch on reeds in some places. We are providing only one boat label and number for each team/solo boat, so it is important to make sure that the number is on the boat that will be used on Swartvlei (the second paddle leg) and the last paddle leg to Thesen Island (Tapas), as you will not be an official finisher without one.”

I would have bought / organised a K1 specifically to allow for contingencies such as this, unfortunately it is too late now. Lets hope in future entrants will be able to select boats per leg according to the conditions (wind, water level) on the day.

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