Violent Crime at the Tokai Arboretum, September 2012

This report just in via one of the trail running group emails. I have not heard of a crime of this nature at the Tokai Arboretum before.

Danger iconA new crime incident has been added to the CHCW web-site.

Incident Type: Common Robbery
Date and Time: 2012/09/27 07:30:00 PM
Location: Outside Constantia Hills, Zone: 1
Incident Text: Cyclist Attacked and Robbed near Arboretum

Resident was attacked in the Tokai Arboretum parking area on a recent Thursday evening. Resident was riding fast through the parking lot in the dark when he was suddenly hit in the face. As he staggered, not knowing what had happened, two coloured males accosted him and took his bike.

They both jumped on the bike and rode off down the road past the Manor House. Resident stopped a car that was driving up the road and the driver quickly agreed to give chase past the picnic area, but the thieves had already disappeared. Resident then went back to the security gate at Chrysalis Academy and with their help, alerted the police, armed response and the neighborhood watch. The security guards reported that they had spotted these 2 guys walking up the road and had been monitoring them due to their suspicious demeanour, but the point of the attack was beyond their range of view.

On subsequent inspections of the area, resident has found a thick, solid branch about 2.5m long and believes thieves could have been hiding behind the first big tree on the left as he come down through the gate and then whacked him with that branch.

Apart from 4 stitches on his chin, resident is fine and understands that SAN Parks want to write a full report.

For what it is worth, for all the eyes out there, the bike was a White Giant Anthem 29er MTB. There are very few of those white ones in the country so it will always be easy to identify.

If anyone has seen a bike matching this description, please reply to this email.

Forwarded to resident and tenants by the committee of the Constantia Hills Neighbourhood Watch.

This incident may be read online here


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