Vibram Five Fingers Spyridon minimalist trail shoes

So I have been curious about the whole Five Fingers phenomenon for quite some time now. I definitely think there is a lot to say for minimalist running, and even went as far as buying a pair of New Balance Minimus to wear casually.

Vibram Five Fingers Spyridon minimalist trail shoesHowever, the fairly hefty price-tag on the Vibram Five Fingers range meant not being able to justify buying a pair just to kick around in. So, I was super-excited to win a voucher for a pair in a lucky draw at Stanley’s Mountain Run, and rushed of ASAP to get myself fitted with a pair of the new trail specific Spyridons.

Putting the shoes on is an odd experience in itself. Once on, they really are comfortable, even if it does take a short while to get used to having something between your toes. When walking the sensation is totally natural, and you walk as you would if you were barefoot: softly and silently. Sizing is obviously of paramount importance; unlike with running and hiking footwear where you want to take a size larger than your usual shoe size, with the Five Fingers you want a really snug fit, and I actually went a size down.

I intend to continue with the same strategy that I committed to when I bought the Minimus: wear the minimalist footwear casually on a day-to-day basis and allow my body to adjust before even considering running in them.

R1599.95 @ Sportsmans Warehouse

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