Totalsports Challenge 2013

I have participated in the Totalsports Challenge Terra Firma twice now: in a team in 2010 and as an individual in 2012. This is definitely one of the premier multi-sport events in South Africa, and certainly the best I have participated in to-date: brilliantly organised event on a seriously challenging course where the only thing that penetrates the pain is the incredible beauty of it all!

Totalsports Challenge 2013

When: Saturday, 12 January 2013
Where: Gordon’s Bay
Twitter: @tschallenge

“One Team, Seven Challenges”: choose between the 7-discipline Totalsports Challenge or the less daunting 4-discipline Totalsports Terra Firma Challenge. Compete as an individual, or as a team in one of many possible formats.

Challenge Legs:

  1. Surfski 12km
  2. Swim 1.5km
  3. Road Bike 50km
  4. Road Run 13km
  5. K1 Canoe 13km
  6. Mountain Bike 25km
  7. Beach Run 9km

Terra Firma Legs:

  1. Road Bike 50km
  2. Road Run 13km
  3. Mountain Bike 25km
  4. Beach Run 9km

The road bike leg is takes you along the coastal road, Clarence Drive, with great views and no unmanageable climbs (in fact the only hill of note is when you leave Rooi Els). The road run is effectively flat and fast, can be very hot, and the final kays on dusty dirt road. The mountain bike is a beast with a descent which as a non-technical rider I found quite scary! The beach run… well lets just say you will spend the entire distance looking for hard-packed sand at the water’s edge whilst you battle with the camber of the beach. And you will kiss the bridge when you step off the sand just before the finish line.

I don’t know much about the water legs other than that Gordon’s Bay is usually pretty flat, and that if the wind picks up it plays havoc with all three legs.
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Please note late entry fees kick in after 28 December 2012, and the difference is substantial!

Totalsports Challenge Before 28/12/12 After 28/12/12
Individuals R460-00 R700-00 Enter Here
Pairs R700-00 R920-00 Enter Here
Teams of 3 R800-00 R1030-00 Enter Here
Teams of 7 R1360-00 R1500-00 Enter Here
Terra Firma
Individuals R350-00 R570-00 Enter Here
Pairs R570-00 R800-00 Enter Here
Teams of 4 R1000-00 R1240-00 Enter Here

All the info here:

Totalsports Challenge sponsors 2013


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