Parachute Hammock by Ticket to the Moon

For pure campsite luxury and laziness, get yourself into a Ticket to the Moon Parachute Hammock. I am always sure to choose a site at Beaverlac that has two convenient trees for mine!

Relaxing in my "Ticket to the Moon" Parachute Hammock at Beaverlac
Relaxing at Beaverlac

The hammock is made of high-grade parachute material (silk nylon) in a range of vibrant colors. There is a heavy-duty S-shaped metal hook on either end. There is an attached pouch that the hammock stuffs into when not in use; the pouch can be used as a handy pocket when you are actually in the hammock.

I use my climbing gear to set my hammock up: two Black Diamond slings, one wrapped around each tree, and then each end of the hammock’s S-hooks hooked into a sling. No knots, no slipping!

R299.00 (single) @ Cape Union Mart
R450.00 (double) @ Cape Union Mart

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By David

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