After a few short trips in the south-easter with my Fenn Swordfish surfski on the roof of my car, I rushed to buy a Thule Kayak Carrier 874 set. These add-ons make loading your boat easier and protect your boat from hard carrier bars and too tight straps.

Thule Kayak Carrier 874
Thule Kayak Carrier 874

These carriers are add-ons to Thule roof-racks. They slot into Thule Aerobars and cradle the hull of a surfski or canoe. The hull of the boat is actually cradled in rubber which flexes to fit the shape of the boat for a snug fit. It’s a huge improvement and the ski is now far more secure on my roof. The curve is adjustable making it possible to customise the fit to the hull of your boat, for instance my Fenn Swordfish is far narrower where is sits in the front cradle as compared to the rear cradle.

The carriers can be moved along the tracks of the roof-racks  To make the boat as secure as possible I have fitted the cradles to the middle of the racks so that I can get maximum leverage from the straps when I secure the ski to the roof-racks.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that my roof-rack set-up has cost R4877.00 in total.

Top Tips:
  1. Remember: Any load that projects more than 1.2 m from the back of your vehicle or trailer must display a warning device.
  2. During the day you must display a red flag or similar suitable object at least 300 mm square. At night you must display a red warning light that is visible from at least 200 m away, OR at least two red reflectors capable of reflecting from the headlights of a following vehicle.
  3. At all times, all warning devices must be:
    • displayed at the very end of your load; and
    • clearly visible to other people.
  4. A load must not project more than 1.2 m in front of a vehicle’s headlights.

R1399.00 @ Good t’Go

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