Three Firs

Three Firs is a steep little route up the side of a spectacular and short kloof. I did the route quickly from Theresa Avenue in Camps Bay, but you could start from Kloof Nek and enjoy the extra kilometres on the Pipe Track instead.

Boom, Theresa Avenue, Camps Bay
Boom, Theresa Avenue

Getting there: drive down Camps Bay Drive from Kloof Nek, turning left into Fiskaal. Follow the road as it winds back and forth up the hill, changing name to Francolin then Theresa. You will find a short cul-de-sac with a boom and a sign at the end. Please do not park in such a manner as to inconvenience the residents in the area.
GPS Co-ordinates:  S 33°57.778′, E 018°23.057′
Difficulty: steep hike, short section with moderate exposure
Distance: 6.5km

Break-pressure Tank on the Pipe-track, Table Mountain
Break-pressure Tank

Head round the boom and up the concrete strip road. After about 500m there is a road off to the left — ignore this and continue up the hill. After about another 500m you will come across a metal plate route marker with directions to Kasteelspoort (left) and Corridor Ravine which is straight on. We continue straight on and you are now on the Pipe Track.

After about 300m, the track narrows as you approach some pine trees. As you reach the pine trees you will pass through the stream that flows down Kasteelspoort. Below you are the last houses of the southern end of Camps Bay.

Shortly after this you will pass the break pressure tank on the left-hand side of the Pipe-track [S 33°58.285′, E 018°23.056′]. Next, you will pass the signposted Woody Ravine, after which you will round Spring Buttress.

As you round the corner you will see a section of exposed pipe running up the path (If you are suddenly confronted by a stone staircase you have gone about 20m too far). To the left you should see a cairn and see natural rock “steps” heading straight up the slope [S 33°58.526′, E 018°22.957′]. It should have taken you about 30 minutes to get here. Up you go!

Just as a side note: should you reach the stairs, be it in error or because you are heading on to Corridor Ravine or Oudekraal Ravine, please be aware that there is a massive drop to your right!

The ascent is fairly steep, and for a substantial section you are within metres of a dangerous drop into Slangolie Ravine. After reaching the top of the trail, walk a bit further until you meet a path: this is the Apostles Path  [S 33°58.711′, E 018°23.317′]. To your left about 20m away you will see an odd rock formation called The Saucy Dog.

After an easy 15 minute walk along the Apostles Path, you will reach the head of Kasteelspoort [S 33°58.339′, E 018°23.677′]. About a third of the way down there is a flat rock section on the right-hand side of the trail. I stopped here for coffee and to watch the sun set over the calm Atlantic Ocean, enjoying the light fading on Lion’s Head and the mountain behind me.

Orange-breasted Sunbird, Kasteelspoort, Table Mountain
Orange-breasted Sunbird

Lion's Head from Kasteelspoort, Table Mountain
Lion’s Head

Table Mountain map


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