The Segment feature on Garmin Connect

The Garmin Connect site has undergone some radical changes this year. Many have expressed irritation at the new site. In case you thought nothing had really changed, think again!

In my mind Strava‘s killer feature is Segments, and it’s the only real reason I make the extra effort to upload my data to the site.

I saw signs of a Segment feature on the new Garmin Connect site when it first launched (see my February post Garmin Connect overhaul 2014), only for it to disappear again. Garmin Connect users are expressing their anger on forum thread’s such as this one:, and Garmin as ever is not being very communicative!

The feature now exists and you can create a Segment. I used my Garmin Activity from the Matroosberg Trail Challenge to create my first Segment: the monster climb up Matroosberg Peak!


You need to create a start point and an end point for your Segment. You can click on the map as well as on the profile — I found clicking on the profile easier especially considering I could easily see and find the peak of the climb.



When you select the end point you will see the blue segment overlaid on the map and the corresponding segment in the Elevation graph will be shaded as well. The details of the Segment (distance, incline percentage) are displayed in the summary on the right.


Add the following details:

  1. Segment Name
  2. Activity Type
    1. Running
    2. Cycling
  3. Segment Type
    1. Sprint
    2. Hill Climb
    3. Hills
    4. Downhill
    5. Other
  4. Surface
    1. Paved
    2. Gravel
    3. Dirt
    4. Mixed

Once you have clicked the Save button you will be able to see the Segment you have created along with a  message warning you  that it “may take a few days to process your activity and match  it to the segments you crossed“.


Unfortunately, the exciting stuff — the Leaderboard — takes quite some time to populate; it took exactly a week for my first rankings to appear. I would have thought I would get some kind of preferential treatment for the Segments I created…

However, once the Segment is processed you can view the Leaderboard and see how you stack up against the competition.

View Segment Leaderboard on Garmin Connect

Clicking on “Find a Segment” takes you to a searchable map. Entering “Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve” in the “Starting Near” search box yielded the following results, including my newly created Segment “MTC Beast“.


Garmin definitely needs to add more processing capacity to speed up the creation and population of Segment Leaderboards. In the meantime, it would be nice if they sent out emails to notify you of Leaderboard and Segment activity.


Outdoor adventure enthusiast living on the Garden Route.

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