The grave of George Rex, Esquire

George Rex Esquire once owned pretty much all of Knysna, which must have been pretty grand, even if there was no Mitchell’s Brewery to speak of in the mid-1800’s.

Getting there: as you leave Knysna on the N2 heading in the Plettenberg Bay direction, just after George Rex Drive, take the second right into Plover Road, and then immediately turn left onto a dirt road.
GPS Coordinates: 34°02’33.0″, S 23°04’43.0″E

I love Knysna and enjoy the fact that it has a super-colorful past which includes frontier-style fables of rough wood-cutter folk, even rougher sea-dogs and diggers with the glint of gold in their eyes! Admittedly, much of my interest is both fuelled and coloured by the characters in Dalene Matthee’s books, most of whom are fictional.

George Rex was rumoured to have been the illegitimate son of George III (Prince of Wales at the time) and a Quaker girl, Hannah Lightfoot. The theory is that he was sent to the Cape Colony to avoid a royal embarrassment.

Whilst the grave is no great sight to behold, it is close to the N2 and can be visited quickly and easily, so if you enjoy the history of the area it is worth popping by.

To learn more about this fascinating story, read “Timber and Tides: The Story of Knysna and Plettenberg Bay” by Winifred Tapson.

By David

Outdoor adventure enthusiast living on the Garden Route.

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