The Black Eagle Project: Megan needs help

The Black Eagle Project is one of my favourites and I have often wished I could head out with Megan to see the eagles in the Cederberg. Unfortunately I have no experience in trad climbing, and would not risk someone elses life on an anchor set with my novice skills! This email was passed on to me by a friend — I hope someone can help Megan with her amazing work!

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Hi All

My friend Megan Murgatroyd is running a black eagle project in the Cederberg and the Sandveld. The Black Eagles have just started breeding for this season and she is looking for some help with installing nest cameras. The cameras are installed when the pair start incubating, and the first pairs have just started.

The job entailed setting some anchors and abseiling in setting up a motion sensing camera next to a nest and then jumaring out. I would usually help but I am out-of-town for two months. She would like to see if she could do some herself, but there is too much that could go wrong and I would rather she had some professional help!

Here are her preliminary dates for setting up nest cameras, they can be shifted but only by a few days.

  • Cederberg 29 June: 1.5hour hike & approx 5m abseil
  • Sandveld 04 July: 30min hike & approx 10-15m abseil
  • Sandveld 05 July: 15min hike & <5m abseil

If you would like to help with any of these please let her know on The abseils should all be relatively straightforward with no major overhangs. There will be three more dates coming through after these. She unfortunately can’t cover your expenses but will provide accommodation in the Sandveld or Cederberg.

Megs contact details:

Megan Murgatroyd | The Black Eagle Project
Phone0230040169 | 0797007804
FacebookThe-Black Eagle Project

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