A truly bad experience on Table Mountain

I have been aching to try some of the routes in the book Table Mountain Classics by Tony Lourens for quite some time. I have browsed through the book a number of times, and had expressed some concern over the “grading” of some of the routes. I had specifically commented to my climbing and hiking friends on the inconsistency around which the author adds the provisor concerning whether a rope is necessary or not. With this in mind I spent quite some time reading the book, studying the author’s descriptions of routes I had already completed so that I could gauge his descriptions of said routes against my experiences to “benchmark” his “grading system”.

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“It’s not for when you are running, it’s for when you can’t”

I am borrowing heavily from Bryan Allot’s post on >_iTrainedToday and Owen’s post(s) on Wildrunner. Bryan’s recent experience really highlighted some of the aspects of trail safety I was blogging about in my post Compulsory kit requirements for trail running.

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