Sporting events in National Parks

The Otter African Trail Run takes place annually in the Tsitsikamma Section of the SANParks run Garden Route National Park. Before entering the 2010 event, I had an enlightening chat with Galeo Saintz (Rim of Africa) about his concerns over the use of the Otter Trail for such an event. This caused me to be curious as to a number of aspects of the event, and I am satisfied that the information at hand leads me to believe that the organisers, Magnetic South, have worked together with SANParks to ensure that the event benefits the Trail, and does not create more of an impact on the area than the existing trail already does.

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Waterfall Trail

The Waterfall Trail is an undemanding hike which follows the first 2,65 km of the Otter Trail. The only time I had actually seen the waterfall was during the Otter African Trail Run 2011 — in the 2010 race I was so focussed on my footing that I missed seeing it completely! It was great to take a slow walk along this beautiful, wild stretch of coast.

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