New Balance M860 v3 Road Shoes

After allowing my pair of New Balance 860’s to deteriorate to a shameful state of collapse, I finally dragged myself off to buy a new pair of road shoes at The Sweat Shop. I have been running in New Balance road shoes since I started running again a few years ago, and as I have had no problems with them, I have chosen to stick with what I know for now.

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Cape Town trail running groups

As spoilt as we are, living with Table Mountain on our doorstep, it is unsafe to venture on the mountain alone, and many trail runners (especially the ladies) are prevented from enjoying the endless kilometers of world-class trail on offer. Fortunately the trail running community has grown in leaps and bounds in the last few years. Not only do we have a fledgeling trail running association in the Western Cape, but we have a number of active trail running groups providing the opportunity for anyone who is moderately fit to join an organised run.

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