Salomon XT Wings 5 Hydration Backpack

Trail run organisers are getting increasingly strict on the gear that runners must carry on trail runs. It’s pretty standard now to be required to carry some form of each of the following: liquid, food, wet-weather gear, medical kit, space blanket. Whilst my preference is to run with my Salomon Twin Belt, and my Camelbak Octane XC has served me well on many runs, neither are capable of carrying much gear at all. I bought a Salomon XT Wings 5 Hydration Backpack to increase my carrying capacity.

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Platypus SoftBottle

With hydration bladders being the norm with trail runners, there is now a real market for alternatives to traditional water bottles and canteens — I have 3L Nalgene bladders in my deuter Futura daypack and deuter Aircontact backpack. The platypus range are newcomers offering a range of bladder-like soft bottles that offer similar convenience.

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Nalgene CXC Reservoir 3L Rapid Fill

I had heard so many stories about how you could never get rid of the “plastic taste” in these hydration systems. This and the fact that it seemed like overkill to me to actually use one for hiking made me hesitant to buy one. However, my deuter day-pack is “hydration system-ready”, so I decided to give it a try, and bought a 2l Nalgene Bladder from Cape Union Mart.

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