My Totalsports Challenge 2013

My first exposure to the Totalsports Challenge was when The French persuaded me to join her as a team in the 2010 Terra Firma event. I loved it, and I see from my post that I already had my sights set on entering the full Challenge as an individual: I remember drooling over all the gear the Challenge competitors had on their support vehicles in the Gordon’s Bay parking lot! I completed the 2012 Terra Firma as an individual, and absolutely loved it, so Totalsports Challenge became my big goal for 2013!

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Swim, bike, run in the 80’s

I wish I had kept up with the sport and continued training and competing. But I guess it’s easy to imagine that I would have stuck it out. History tells me I have never been one to stick at one thing for too long. I finally dropped out of all sports in 1994 when I had surgery on my back, and was told I would never be able to compete in sport again as I would not be able to run, or bend over my bike’s handle-bars comfortably. Whilst I did wait many years before putting that prognosis to the test, I am glad they were wrong.

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