My FiveFingers Spyridon LS minimalist experience

I am a big fan of the idea of minimalist running. Yes: I read “Born to Run”. I have been wearing a pair of New Balance Minimus MT00’s for about 5 months as casual shoes, so my body has had some time to adapt to a more minimal shoe. More recently, I won a pair of Vibram FiveFingers’ latest trail model, the Spyridon, at Stanley’s Mountain Run 2012. I am no tree-hugging earth-child, and I have a pair of Merrell boots which will attest to the fact that when the going gets tough, I get tough back. However, there is something hugely satisfying in the feeling you get padding around in a pair of FiveFingers. It feels like you are holding the earth, not stomping all over it. I guess this is what primates must feel like when they scamper around in nature, and maybe I am connecting to that at a deep genetic level.

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