Garmin fēnix GPS Watch: Black Ops testing

OK so this was the most fun I have had with a GPS watch: navigating by following a Track. The idea is that you download a Track onto the device and then follow it using the features on the Garmin fēnix GPS Watch. Overall I think this is a phenomenal feature that allows you to download adventures and follow them safely with no need for maps and compasses, and will appeal to the more adventurous trail runner.

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Garmin fēnix GPS Watch: temperature function

There are many functions on my Garmin Forerunner 910XT which I simply do not use, and whilst evaluating the Garmin fēnix I keep asking myself which of the functions I would pay extra for if the unit were sold with the functions as add-ons. The temperature function is seriously cool and one I would definitely pay extra for. I wish my Forerunner had it!

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