“Bushman Ventures“ Jaffle Iron

A “jaffle iron” is a closed metal skillet as such: it consists of two hinged halves. You place two slices of bread with a filling in-between on the one half, close the two halves together, and place it on your heat source. Butter the outside of the two slices of bread to stop them from sticking to the metal, and of course to give them a golden brown, flavorful crust.

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K-Way 1 Person Cook Set

I went looking for something to boil water and cook in on my Campingaz stove, and chose the K-Way 1 Person Cook Set from Cape Union Mart. The set consists of a lightweight pot and pan, each with foldaway handles. The pot has a capacity of 1 litre, and the pan flips over to double as a lid for the pot. Both have a non-stick coating which makes cooking and cleaning a pleasure.

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