Trail Runners Guide by Jacques Marais

I was hugely excited to receive a copy of Jacques Marais’ new book, “Trail Runner’s Guide”, in the mail! Coupled with Jacques stunning images, the trail community now has a serious handbook available, with heaps of crucial information on the South Africa’s treasure chest of trails. The book is suited to trail runners of all levels: novices looking for solid advice, the weekend adventurer looking for new territory, the seasoned mountain goat looking for the next route to conquer, or the racing snake planning the racing year ahead.

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127 Hours Between a Rock and a Hard Place

What and amazing story! This is the true account of Aron Ralston who hacked his own arm off to free himself from a rock that had trapped him in a freak accident. As is usually the case, the book adds depth to this amazing story, especially in terms of describing the vast experience Ralston had as an outdoorsman before tragedy stuck.

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