Table Mountain Classics by Tony Lourens

As a result of following a route “described” in this book, we had an extremely nasty experience on Table Mountain, and I cannot recommend you purchase this book or use it to plan an outing. In addition to our bad experience, I have just read a report by another person who used the description of a route from this book and got into serious difficulty: please take time to read: Eastern Buttress Route — How we spent a night on the mountain.

The original edition of this book was published back in 1998, many years before I started my love affair with Table Mountain. I have heard it referred to in secretive whispers, and I have never actually seen a copy, and no of no-one who owns one. So I was extremely excited when I heard that a second edition was about to be released, and grabbed the first one I came across on a shelf, afraid they would sell out in front of my eyes.

Table Mountain Classics by Tony LourensPlease be aware that many of the walks and hikes are fairly well-known, and can be found in some of the other books more readily available. The true value of this book is in the scrambles and climbs in this book, most of which even after 3 years of weekends up the mountain I have never even heard of, in areas of the mountain I believed inaccessible.

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