Tabard Insect Repellent

Forgetting to pack the insect repellent for a camping trip is a big fail! It’s one of the very small details that can ensure a good night’s sleep outdoors.

The original Tabard, the Tabard Stick, is renowned for its ability to repel all kinds of insects, including the most aggravating of them all: the mosquito.

I find the Tabard Stick a bit difficult to use, and it tends to break or to dry out after a while. The Tabard Lotion is easy to apply, and lasts well in the bottle.

The aerosol Tabard is not the most environmentally sound option, but it is easy to use, and feels less sticky than the stick or lotion. I also use the spray on the mosquito nets inside the vestibules of my tent to help keep insects out.

R49.95 @ Sportsman’s Warehouse
R55.00 @ Cape Union Mart

Tabard Stick image
Tabard Stick

Tabard aerosol mosquito repellant
Tabard aerosol
Tabard logo


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