Sparrebosch beach

This is another example of what makes hiking on the Garden Route so spectacular: the Sparrebosch Fisherman’s Walk combines lush forest and rugged coastline and includes a waterfall — and all of this in a hike of less than 5km return!

Getting there: from George Rex Drive follow the signage to Pezula and Sparrebosch. Park in the parking lot at the Sparrebosch Estate swimming pool and tennis court
GPS Coordinates: -34.065227, 23.103321
Distance: 4.5km
Difficulty: very steep in sections

From the parking lot head through the tunnel which takes you under the road you arrived on to the golf course. As you emerge from the tunnel you will come to a fork in the road: take the right fork and then immediately look for the path heading into the bush on the left [-34.066018, 23.103436].

The path starts out along the fence separating the Sparrebosch and Pezula estates before it heads down to the coastline. The first half of the trail is in the deep shade of the coastal forest.

It is worth taking the short diversion to see the waterfall.

The final section of the trail heads steeply out of the river valley and up over the ridge. From here you will have spectacular views of the two luxury estates with their houses commanding views of the rugged coastline and the rough ocean.

The trail then becomes extremely steep as it drops down to the beach [-34.079126, 23.100923]. We found a shaded spot where we enjoyed our tea break before heading back up the trail.

I would not drink from the stream at any stage as it passes through the residential estate.

By David

Outdoor adventure enthusiast living on the Garden Route.

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