Smitswinkel Bay fishing boats

I recently joined Rachel Colenso for an easy Saturday morning stroll and picnic at Smitswinkel Bay near Cape Point.

Smitswinkel Bay fishing boats
Smitswinkel Bay fishing boats

Getting there: Drive through Simon’s Town toward Cape Point. There is a gravel parking lot on the right-hand side of the road just before it leaves the coast and heads toward the Cape Point Nature Reserve entrance.
GPS Coordinates: -34.2619, 18.4666

This really is just a 15 minute walk down the hill to the beach. The path is easy to follow is it winds down between the few houses on the slopes above the beach.

It’s a great spot for a beach picnic. You can boulder-hop a short way in the Cape Point direction at low tide and admire the sea cliffs and caves.

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Slingsbys Cape Point map

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