Sea to Summit X-Pot

We saw an article on the X-Pot more than a year ago and knew it would be the answer to our hiking meal cooking problems. We have been trying to source one ever since. We finally found one and it is even more impressive in real life.

We have a pot in which we do all our cooking on our MSR WhisperLite stove, but its 1L capacity makes tasks such as cooking rice or pasta for 2 almost impossible. The almost-triple capacity of the X-Pot is the solution to this problem!

We also like to be able to boil water to bathe when out on multi-day hikes. Don’t get me wrong, I am no stranger to cold showers having done my Navy basics where hot water was strictly for tea and coffee, but you cannot get clean with cold water. So, we boil up a pot of hot water and use it to have a “bird bath” before rinsing off under a cold shower (or in a river).

My biggest concern was that it would fit well on the MSR WhisperLite Stove. The width of the stove’s burner is such that the flame fits under the metal part of the X-Pot without coming too close to the silicone sides which cannot withstand direct flames. They are a match made in heaven!


  • 2.8L capacity (there is a 1.4L version)
  • Fully collapsible food-grade silicone sides
  • Hard anodised aluminium base
  • Clear, BPA-free lid with built-in strainer
  • Weight of 355g
  • Packing size of 40mm height

Not only can X-Bowl and other X-Series products be nested inside the collapsed pot, but the pot itself nests neatly inside a Sea to Summit Delta Plate which makes packing your cooking gear a pleasure!


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