Salomon Twin Belt

I decided to free myself from my CamelBak for shorter trail runs, and so bought a Salomon Twin Belt water bottle carrier to see how it would work out. Breaking one of the “Golden Rules” of running, I decided to test it out at the Bushmans Blitz

Salomon Twin Belt
Salomon Twin Belt

It took a short while and one quick adjustment to get the belt to sit comfortably on my waist — I initially had it too loose and low on my hips. Adjustments to the waist strap are easy, and the front clip is large and easy to use, even with tired, shaky hands.

Two 600ml ergonomically shaped (almost triangular) bottles slot firmly into angled holsters at your back.

Between the two holsters is a zippered pouch. There is an additional zippered pouch which can easily be removed from the belt, depending on how much extra space you need for GUs etc.

It is totally amazing to run free of the shoulder, chest and waist straps of a CamelBak (see CamelBak Octane XC). Backpack style hydration packs still have a very definite role in longer runs where water is not easily available, or you need to carry additional gear — for these occasions I eventually purchased a Salomon XT Wings 5 Hydration Backpack which offers the best of both worlds: 2 water bottles, a bladder, and storage space.

Another advantage I was looking for was to be able to carry water and a carb drink. With two bottles, you can carry both and sip from either whenever you please. I was able to re-fill both bottles frequently from the clear mountain streams in the Boesmanskloof.

Additionally, I have become convinced that I drink too much in an effort to cool myself down. Having a water bottle at hand allows me to squirt cooling water over my head, stopping me from over-hydrating. I now use it in preference over any other hydration, including longer trail runs like the Otter African Trail Run.

R499.00 @ Due South

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