Rudy Project Rydon sunglasses

When I realised that the weather for IronMan 2012 was going to be grim, I realised that my Oakleys were going to be too dark for the bike leg, and bought a Rudy Project Rydon sunglasses / Zuma helmet combo deal from ASG at the Expo.

I usually don’t wear sunglasses during sports. When I have needed to, I have just been using my non-sports model Oakleys. I have been keen on some decent sports sunglasses for some time, primarily for road and mountain biking where keeping rain, mud, bugs etc out of your eyes is pretty crucial.

The lenses are interchangeable, but I was specifically looking for something to wear in low-light conditions, so I went with the polarized photochromic ImpactX clear lenses. They stems and the nose-piece are adjustable, and I had no problem getting them to sit comfortably and securely on my face.

You can see the lenses are quite dark in the shot below.

David Fox on bike leg, IronMan South Africa 2012

Rudy Project logo

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