2XU Race Belt

A race belt is possibly one of the handiest little bits of gear that you can have for triathlon! No more hassling with safety pins! There is nothing stopping you from using it for running and cycling as well.

2XU Race BeltRather than pinning or sewing your race number onto your top, wear it on a race belt. In triathlon you can easily make sure you have your number on the correct side: clip the belt on number facing backwards in T1, and then simply pull it round in T2 so that the number is in the front. This also ensures it is clearly displayed for those all important race photos!

I bought an 02Creation belt at the IronMan Expo. It has spring-loaded toggles for attaching the number on the loops, and has extra belt loops for jamming gels into.

Sportsman’s Warehouse have recently started stocking triathlon gear, and they have 2XU race belts.

R99.95 @ Sportsman’s Warehouse

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