Protection on the India—Venster Route

I finally got a chance to take some photos of the new protection that has been placed on the scramble on the India—Venster Route on Table Mountain.

As you can see in the photos, they have done a fairly thorough job. I still believe that putting these chains and staples in place was the wrong thing to do. Part of my reasoning for this is the protection will encourage less capable mountain users from using this route, thereby leading them to even more dangerous areas on the mountain: you do not want to be getting lost on Fountain Ledge for instance!

Danger notice on India—Venster RouteDanger notice on India—Venster Route
Danger notice

I am pleased to see that they have increased the signage on the route. A pity that the signs are all in English considering many of the accidents / deaths have involved foreigners! They have improved the marking of the trail, too, and you will see quite a few newly painted little yellow footprints, especially in the scramble area. I think they need to continue this practice, specifically on the section above the scramble taking you onto Fountain Ledge, which is the ledge above the highest single cliff on the mountain!

New sign on Contour Path at base of India—Venster Route
New sign, Contour Path

They at first removed, and then replaced the sign on the Contour Path at the start of the route. The new sign makes no mention of the route, only giving directions to the top of Table Mountain via Platteklip, and directions down to the Lower Cable Station. I had heard that they were intending to disguise the start of the route to make it difficult to find. If this is indeed the case, they should have done so at the same time as removing the sign warning hikers of the danger of the route.

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