Proposed development of rest camp at Klein Mooimaak site, West Coast National Park

A friends recently brought it to my attention that SANParks have started the process of developing the Klein Mooimaak site in the West Coast National Park as a rest camp. I will update this as I find more information (specifically what exactly SANParks proposes to build), but for now I think we all need to get involved and keep an eye on developments!

I am all for accommodation in National Parks, and (if it is not already) making affordable accommodation (especially camping) available in National Parks should be in their mandate. I know there has been huge debate and much resistance to developments in other Parks, including Kruger National Park.

Monique Sham of KHULA Environmental Consultants says there are no plans available from SANParks yet.

“The first step is the EIA. Klein Mooimaak is the beach below and on the far side of the lookout point at Zeeberg. Whilst we totally support the idea that the park needs a rest camp, particularly with camping sites, they are proposing to build 20 chalets and put in sewerage, electricity etc as well — this will have a big impact on the character of the park on this until now undeveloped side of the lagoon. Our opinion is that they should rather go for a ‘touch the earth lightly’ approach with fewer chalets, solar power, compost toilets etc.”

The Park is rich in archeological artifacts, and studies have already taken place and in fact led to one site already being deemed not suitable for development (Kraalbaai).

Please register as an interested and affected party with KHULA Environmental Consultants (the company doing the environmental impact assessments) to have your say —

Here are links to some documents I have managed to find so far:


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