Conrad Stoltz Totalsports Challenge MTB

Conrad is one of my sporting heroes. He is an absolute legend in off-road triathlon, dominating XTERRA worldwide.

This press release just in:



“One Team, Seven Challenges”

Conrad Stoltz Totalsports Challenge MTB
Conrad Stoltz Totalsports Challenge MTB Photo Credit

Power couple Conrad and Liezel Stoltz will be in the hot seat on Saturday, 12 January 2013 when they attempt to defend their mixed team title at the Totalsports Terra Firma Challenge presented by Liberty Medical Scheme and REHIDRAT® SPORT.   Starting in Gordon’s Bay and finishing in Kleinmond, this much-loved multi-sport event is ideal for athletes of all sporting disciplines as participants can compete individually or as part of a team.

According to Conrad it’s the camaraderie that makes team participation at the Totalsports Challenge so exciting.  “That and competing with my “vroutjie” is also awesome.  The Totalsports Challenge is a great event with beautiful scenery.  We actually considered entering in the ‘individual’ category this year, but Liezel didn’t feel ready for it just yet.  We love training together and it fits in perfectly with my training program as I do those disciplines anyway.  Our team strength is a combination of speed, mental toughness and we’re both naturally competitive.  If Liezel sees a spec on the horizon, the lioness in her comes out and she has to chase it!  It’s very funny, but great for our team,” says four-time XTERRA World Champion, Conrad Stoltz.

Liezel Stoltz Totalsports Challenge beach run
Liezel Stoltz Totalsports Challenge beach run
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For former SA netball captain Liezel Stoltz, taking part in the individual category of the 7-disciplined Totalsports Challenge is definitely a future goal.  “Maybe in 2014 I can do all four disciplines of the Terra Firma Challenge and hopefully someday I’ll be able to take on the 7-disciplined event.  This year however, Conrad will be doing the road bike and mountain bike disciplines, while I’ll be doing the road run and beach run.  In the beginning I use to struggle with the distances and would say ‘this is hard’ to which Conrad would reply ‘if it was easy, it would be called netball’.  That in itself is what motivates me,” laughs Liezel.  “Our team strength is that we have fun together and love what we do.  It’s our lifestyle.  So far the Totalsports Challenge is the only event where we can compete as a team as it fits in with Conrad’s racing schedule”.

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