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With hydration bladders being the norm with trail runners, there is now a real market for alternatives to traditional water bottles and canteens — I have 3L Nalgene bladders in my deuter Futura daypack and deuter Aircontact backpack. The platypus range is new to the market and offers a range of bladder-like soft bottles that offer similar convenience.

500ml platypus SoftBottleI first came across these bladders in 2012. At that stage I bought two 500ml bottles. I battled to find more until I paid a visit to Drifters Xtreme Sports where I found the updated versions! They now have updated sports bottle-like drinking valves.

They are perfect for carrying any liquid in your backpack; I think they are especially handy for milk, wine or brandy.

The fit in easily amongst your other gear, and the 500ml weighs only 22g (a 400ml Nalgene weighs 88g). When empty they can just be folded away and stowed. They are BPA-free.

This is my preferred method for carrying the “medicinal brandy” as well as fresh milk (which tends to turn to butter in a hard bottle of any ).

1 Liter
R149.00 @ Drifters Xtreme Sports

R129.00 @ Drifters Xtreme Sports

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