Orka Inner Glass Shaft paddle

I last did any paddling of note in the 80’s. Flat paddles were still the norm, and the fancier wing paddles were experimental at that stage, though catching on fast. These days wing paddles are pretty much the standard, and appear to have proven themselves. I opted for an Orka Inner Glass Shaft paddle to power my Fenn Swordfish.

Orka Inner paddle blade
Orka Inner paddle blade

So my first paddle is an Orca Inner with a 210 – 220cm glass shaft. It is a split-paddle, so I can adjust both the length, and the amount of feather. I am guessing it will take me some experimentation to discover the optimum spec for my paddle, so the adjustable aspect is perfect for me for now.

I have already overheard some discussion around different types of paddles in terms of length, shape and materials, but am comfortable that I have a great all-round paddle.

See the full range of Orka paddles here: http://orkapaddles.com/product-catalogue.php

I also fitted an Orka Elliptica to my ski, and far prefer it to the standard “shark-fin” rudder.

R1450.00 @ The Paddling Centre

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