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This energetic route on Table Mountain makes for an awesome late afternoon hike, treating you to unbeatable views of the Mother City.

Getting there: park you car at the foot of Platteklip Gorge on Tafelberg Road.
Difficulty: comfortable walk on good trail
Distance: 6.91km circuit
Elevation: +611m

Start hiking up the Platteklip Gorge stairs. You will soon meet a contour path: this is the Upper Contour Path. Platteklip crosses over this and heads ever upwards — you (thankfully) will take a left towards Devil’s Peak.

As you draw close to Devil’s Peak, the Saddle Path (normally referred to as the Zig Zags) will come up on your right from the road below you. Follow the zig-zags up the slopes and into the Saddle.

From here you drop down a bit as you round Devil’s Peak, and soon you will see Oppelskop out in front of you. Take the path down the saddle and up to the ruins on Oppelskop, and spend some time admiring The Mother City.

Turn around, and just before you reach the path you arrived on, you will take a path dropping down the slope, and ultimately looping under Oppelskop back towards Kloof Nek direction. You are now on the Lower Traverse and you will cross over the Zig Zags at a lower level, and eventually meet the Upper Contour Path just before dropping back down Platteklip Gorge to your starting point.

I did this as a trail run with the CRAG group. At this stage, it was time to switch on headlamps and being on the look-out for ankle-biters. One member of the group, a certain “Crazy Katy Carrot”, decided to up the pace, despite not having a headlamp! When she finally dropped me on a slight incline, I walked for a bit, switching off my lamp. I truly don’t know how she did it, I couldn’t manage at a walk.

Table Mountain map

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