This easy walk follows the dirt road from Beaverlac to the Olifants River. There are plenty beautiful rock formations typical of the area, and the view up the Olifants River is great.

Getting there: from the main Beaverlac Campsite area, walk back on the road you drove in on. At the entrance to the camping areas, follow the signage visible at the gate, following the jeep track away from the direction of the pass you came down to get into the valley.
Difficulty: easy walk on jeep track

It’s quite an effort to hike down to the actual river itself. The first time we went down, the valley floor was very hot, and when we did actually find a way to the river, the swimming was not great. I have however been on subsequent trips and found a great swimming spot with deep water and a clean, sandy beach, so it’s maybe worth doing a bit of exploring.

By David

Outdoor adventure enthusiast living on the Garden Route.

One thought on “Olifants River”
  1. Hi,
    Firstly, thanks for all your info on Beaverlac.
    We recently stayed at Beaverlac and also walked down to the Olifants river. I agree that once down to the valley floor it is difficult to get through to the river due to the overgrowth. However, there is a part that is quite stunning and relaxing and is worth it if you’re up for it. When you get to the valley floor, go right and keep walking for about 10 minutes always moving towards the river. Look for a way through and the water is quite low with many rocks where you can relax. You can see our post about Beaverlac here:

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