Kakapo wreck, Noordhoek Beach
This area has been identified as a crime hotspot, with multiple muggings having been reported in 2012 & 2013!

This pristine stretch of white sand runs from Noordhoek at the foot of Chapman’s Peak to Kommetjie in the south.

Getting there: park at the Noordhoek Beach parking lot
GPS Co-ordinates: 34°05.896′, 18°21.463′
Difficulty: easy stroll along sandy beach
Distance: 7km

From the parking lot, simply walk down the boardwalk to the beach, heading for the water’s edge. Turn left before your feet get wet…

Near the southern end of this beach is the wreck of the steamship “Kakapo” [34°07.423′, 18°20.927′], which ran aground about a century ago when the captain is said to have mistaken Chapman’s Peak for the Cape of Good Hope and put the helm over to port, thereby driving the ship up onto the sandy beach instead of into False Bay.

Please bear in mind if you take your dog along for the walk that this beach is a popular venue for horse-riding, and you will need to have your friend on a leash when the horses come by.

The walk offers the peace of walking next to the crashing surf, as well as views of Chapman’s Peak, The Sentinal, and Slangkop lighthouse in the distance.

Variations of this walk are described in Mike Lundy’s book, “Best Walks in the Cape Peninsula”.

Horseriders in the mist, Noordhoek Beach
Kakapo wreck, Noordhoek Beach
Best Walks in the Cape Peninsula

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